Request for a Consultation Session

Do you prefer talking to someone in person? We get it. Please have consultation session scheduled.
You will be asked for your contact details after your payment in a new window.

* PRICE: AUD 30 or PHP 1,000 per hour 

Request for an Assessment Report

Do you know what visa to apply for? 
Do you know the costs involved? 
Do you want to see your options laid out on paper in plain simple language as a reference guide? 

This service is for you. 

You will get a customised and comprehensive assessment report of your personal circumstances. This report will help you make an informed decision on what visa to apply for

What you will NOT get: 
You will not get an automated generic answer that is common in free assessment websites. 
You will not get a report that asks you to buy more things 
You will not get a report that gives you hundreds of links on the internet for you to read further. 
Please note that this is different from a visa application service package. 

This is an assessment report. This is personal to you. 

A consultant will contact you and put her time into assessing your circumstances by asking you a series of questions. 

After providing us the answers, you will get a PDF document about 10 pages long (depending on your circumstances) giving you a big picture of your visa options. 

It's like going for 3 or more consultation sessions, but instead, you get a comprehensive report that you can review and refer to for guidance at any time. You will be asked for your contact details after your payment in a new window.

* PRICE: AUD 100.00 or PHP 3,500.00 

Request for a Service Package

PRICE:  Price varies starting at PHP 20,000. Please contact us if you wish to avail of a Service Package

* Price is deductible if a Service Package is availed at a later stage.

For any concerns please go to the Contact Us page.