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Your DISCLAIMER says you are not Registered Migration Agents. Are you operating legally? 

Yes, all operations are currently done from in through Charles Yuen & Associates with MARN 9903360. 

Your DISCLAIMER says you do not guarantee 100% visa approval. What is your approval or success rate?
We have a 99% success rate for visitor visa applications .
We have a 90% success rate for student visa applications.  

Why should we go to you instead of other visa-assistance agencies?
You may want to consider our past employment as Senior Case Officers with DIBP Manila. It gave us first-hand experience in assessing visa applications, identifying what is considered a straight-forward case and what is not. Recently, caseofficers.com has also become an associate of Charles Yuen and Associates, a firm with MARN 9903360. What this means is that visa applications of our clients are thoroughly assessed not only by a former senior visa officer, but by a Registered Migration Agent in Australia.  

Apart from using, understanding and accessing the migration legislation and policy (like LEGENDcom), we also have experience with complicated cases as we have handled tourist, students, family and citizenship cases for years. Therefore if your case is a complicated one, i.e. 
  • You do not understand why you were suddenly refused when you have been granted tourist visas in the past 
  • You have previous refusals, or have not previously complied with the conditions of your visa 
  • You are unsure if a relevant matter may negatively affect your visa application 
  • You wish to go to Australia but do not know where to start
  • Reading information in the immigration website overwhelms you and you wish to talk to someone in Tagalog
  • You are a Filipino-Australian citizen and you wish for your relatives in the Philippines to "join" you in Australia but don't know how
  • Not knowing what to expect from the embassy makes you nervous and you wish someone can tell you what to expect
  • A friend of a relative, or a friend of a friend, or a neighbor of a friend told you that you are qualified for a visa and you just want to verify if what they said is true. Be careful of hearsay! Trust only someone who can interpret and understand the Migration Legislation and Policy. That's us!

If any of the above applies to you, talk to us before you lodge that visa application. It may or may not be the right time to lodge your visa application. Then again, you may have been worrying for nothing!

Why don't I just ask DIBP or the embassy directly for advice about my visa application?
There is nothing wrong with that. If you are lucky enough to get a response, it is very likely you will get either a standard reply or an automated response. It is not the job of DIBP officers to provide advice about visas, their job is to process paid visa applications. 

Where is your DTI?
Caseofficers.com is the web domain name owned by Caroline Abella, a registered professional in the Philippines. A registered professional does not need a DTI business permit. Requirements for a registered professional are TIN, BIR Certificate of Registration and payment of Professional Tax Receipt (PTR). Professionals work alone. DTI permits are required for Sole Proprietors who hire employees. Registered Professional and Sole Proprietors are two different business structures. Please talk to an accountant for professional advice regarding this.

Where is your office located?
Charles Yuen & Associates is located at Suite 28, Arafura Plaza, Cavenagh Street, Darwin, NT. 

Why do I have to set an appointment first, can't I just walk-in your office?
Since we work alone (see "Where is your DTI?"), we do not have a receptionist or secretary in our registered place of business. We are not always in the office and sometimes we are in Australia talking to Educational Institutions and forging partnerships to serve our clients better. We would not want you to waste your time and money travelling to our office when no one is there. Therefore please tell us in advance if you want to talk to us in person. 

Sometimes we have sub agents promoting our services, they are not our employees. They help us spread the word about us. It is safe to talk to them but all money matters should be directed to Ms Carol Abella only. Official Receipts are issued by Ms Carol Abella alone

What are your professional fees?
Our professional fees are competitive but affordable. We operate efficiently using online business tools to avoid expensive overhead costs. We encourage you to meet us in our office for an appointment wherein the first 10 minutes of consultation is FREE. Otherwise, we charge per hour for consultations or per job. Our consultation session will last for one hour and we will answer any questions you have regarding your circumstances. Before the end of our consultation session we will be able to tell you which service package is the most appropriate for your case and the costs associated but there is NO OBLIGATION.

There is no obligation for you to pay for further service packages after consulting with us. Most of our clients avail of a service package, for example a visitor visa package or student visa package because they wish to avail of the unlimited consultation which goes with a service package. Sometimes people just don't have the time to prepare or search for the information needed for their applications. Some want instant answers while some get stuck along the way and need the motivation to push them into action. Others want to have peace of mind when they have the guidance and management of someone from caseofficers.com who knows what they are doing.